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Ray had a Dream! To see it, before it was!

Susan, his wife and his lifetime partner, was there by his side. In 1970 they bought land in Orangeville, six years later, and two children later built their first home. Ten years later they built another home on a larger piece of land. The dream (a golf course) was in the making. In the years prior, and that followed, Ray was slowly working towards that dream.

Together, Ray and Susan have 30 years experience, in the hospitality industry. Ray’s experiences in maintenance, 3rd class engineering and as a Bellman, became an asset for the future. He was also playing golf 3 times a week. Operating heavy equipment for 17 years was another building block toward that dream.

As the dream developed their son Bill became more involved, even though he too had a full-time job. They purchased an old dump truck and track loader then went to work.

1988 to 2003, fifteen years from start to opening day! Forty-eight thousand (overtime) hours of labour. Sun Up to Sun Down. Whatever it took! Whatever had to be done. Picked a lot of brains. Made mistakes, but kept on. No money, only the paychecks. No holidays! They worked every weekend rain or shine! Today, a Championship nine hole golf course, set in a natural environment, is open for you to enjoy the Great Game of Golf!